Discover the New Gift from Canon – Powershot N Facebook and more!

There is more to satiate the photographer in you. Smart age is here and new technologies are flooding the world. So, cameras cannot stay in the shadow for too long. Canon Powershot N is here to boom with the new Facebook button flashing pompously on its side.
For so long you fixed your subject- cleared the lens- focused-zoomed in ( or out, for that matter)-clicked pictures- waited till you were home and free- sat with your port-dumped the photographs on your system- selected-uploaded- my god!, look at the time and energy you wasted! Chuck all that and simply clock on the blue glowing Facebook logo and all your photos and videos that you clicked seconds ago are shared on your profile. Can you imagine the fun? Trips get more exciting, friends get more cheery and the jealous lot, well just a bit more toxic!

OK, now, since there is no 3G/4G option for this camera, you do need Wi-Fi, get into any smart zone and you’re swiftly into business. The camera is otherwise also pretty social and came loaded with several features back in January when we were introduced to it for the first time. A 12.1 megapixel camera, a 28mm wide lens angle, a touchscreen LCD combined with ‘creative mode’ made best possible arrangements to give you the best quality picture permuting and combining the many offers and options. As for clarity and color it is better not to get in details, classy pictures are just a click away with Canon Powershot N.

Yes we know HTC has been doing this, I mean incorporating the straight-to-Facebook option for long but can’t you see, shutterbugs are happy to get this feature in their cameras and not spoil the authenticity by having it all on their phones. Regular versions are available and still a hot gadget but Powershot N Facebook is smart and sexy. It simply makes life more jazzy by saving up time and getting your friends glued to your trip from far. Rejoice! In fact Canon is debuting with high Wi-Fi capacity and an upgraded image processor- DIGIC-6. It is known to reduce noise when at high ISO values and the new mode is introduced, named ‘star’ that brilliantly captures the night sky and in acute detail. Doesn’t that sound exciting? We know it does and as I said before, Canon has geared up to feed shutterbugs with the most uncommon and rare delicacies for the time being. Just roll on your imagination and enjoy!

Image Source : Canon

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