Window blinds to save energy

window blinds

Window Blinds Are very effective in saving energy Windows cover a huge portion of the surface area in a house that many of us never realize. Therefore, by having window blinds by having appropriate window blinds, one can maintain an ideal temperature in a room. Window blinds can help save a substantial amount of money in household utility bills. It is estimated that a house that features around 15 windows can save up to $150 annually by using window blinds effectively. This infographic aims at helping homeowners understand the utility…

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The Many Secret Uses of Hair Conditioner

To begin with, the most common thing about women is that we multitask at all times. You call it tragedy or whatever else you may. Maybe we don’t have to always, but however, we are programmed that way and we care more about a world of things but us. Personally even I am not one blessed with all the time and money either. So it definitely hurts to throw away half empty bottles of beauty products cause the dates are over. During my growing up days I would see my…

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Now It’ll Take Just 6 Seconds To Clean Your Mouth


Getting up in the morning and brushing teeth amidst all humdrum. Ah! It’s such a pain everyday! It’s something which is compulsory, but the very time it takes when we have very little to invest on something in particular (as we run late for office almost every single day) is enough to make us grow ill feelings towards this habit. Would you believe if I tell you that you can brush your teeth and get a fresh mouth in 6 seconds? Blizzident has made the impossible now a reality. Let’s…

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Envy 17 – New Laptop From HP With Built-in Leap Motion

Before we move ahead to the latest invention from HP, let’s talk a little about the Leap Motion technology, shall we? I’m sure we all have noticed how Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man works on his computer, and controls it with just the wave of a hand. And I’m sure most of us have tried imitating him while alone inside our rooms. While we thought it’s a far-fetched thought only possible in sci-fi movies, the LeapMotion controller has proved us wrong. It is an advanced motion-sensing device which enhances computer-human…

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Getting to know the different types of packaging tapes

When companies post a package it is vitally important that they select a good tape to secure their parcel with. After all, it is of the utmost importance that the product inside of the parcel gets to the individual in question in the way in which it was initially sent. A lot of people may not realise it, but there are a lot of different types of packaging tape available. This article will reveal what these different types are in order to give people a helping hand when it comes…

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