A Spoon Specially-designed For People With Parkinson’s Disease

Spoon for Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s Disease (PD in short), the central nervous system’s degenerative disorder, is very common in people who have crossed the age of 50. What are its most obvious symptoms? They are gait, rigidity, slowness of movement, and above all, uncontrollable shaking. Every one of us have (or had, at one point of time) seen how our grandpa or grandma suffered with this uncontrollable shaking – struggling to get a spoonful from his/her plate to the mouth. His/her desire to have a peaceful meal with his/her family always turned out to…

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Now It’ll Take Just 6 Seconds To Clean Your Mouth


Getting up in the morning and brushing teeth amidst all humdrum. Ah! It’s such a pain everyday! It’s something which is compulsory, but the very time it takes when we have very little to invest on something in particular (as we run late for office almost every single day) is enough to make us grow ill feelings towards this habit. Would you believe if I tell you that you can brush your teeth and get a fresh mouth in 6 seconds? Blizzident has made the impossible now a reality. Let’s…

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Start using a Heart Rate Monitor while Exercising

heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitors are special devices which measure and show how fast a heart is beating per minute. Usually divided into two parts, the Chest Strap detects the electronic signals the heart is making and transmits it to the Wrist Watch where the number is displayed. You have probably seen athletes use heart rate monitors when they sweat out in a gym. However, these extremely simple-to-use devices are no longer just limited for the use of athletes only. They are highly efficient and can benefit us if we start wearing…

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Describing Personal Hyperbaric Chambers

Are you in need of a wholesome oxygen therapy, but hardly have time to enjoy the hyperbaric sessions? Whether you are an athlete or an employee stressed out after spending hectic hours at office, Personal Hyperbaric Chambers can be good relief to release stress in any form. The portable chambers ensure a refreshing feel after your body is exposed to wholesome oxygen. Pure oxygen assists you with proper functioning of the brain and body. What remains surprising is the fact that inside the enclosure your organs receive maximum exposure to…

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How about Purchasing a Home Hyperbaric Chamber

Whenever you think of hyperbaric chambers, your imaginations might go wild. You start thinking that these are enormous chambers offering extra dose of oxygen to your circulatory system. What if you buy your own? No, no, a Home Hyperbaric Chamber is compact and doesn’t take too much of space. It’s true they are portable; offering a host of health benefits to you. They are unbelievably convenient. Now that you have one for yourself you would like know how efficient these systems are. You can get into the chamber anytime you…

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Vacuum Chambers from Kyocera plays a Key Role for CERN

Kyocera which has been producing Vacuum Chambers for industrial use has ultimately come up with its new line of ceramic vacuum chambers designed in customized designs to cater to the needs of European giant, CERN. These vacuum chambers are strictly used for operation in CERN’s large Hadron Collider. Do you know that Kyocera’s latest products have been successful to accelerate speed of protons that were fed to LHC? The speed was just a little less than light’s. It’s estimated to be the world’s speediest of all particle accelerators. CERN has…

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