Better Cookie Dough Preservation with a Vacuum Sealer

Better Cookie Dough Preservation with a Vacuum Sealer Every one of us is born to love the delicious cookies. They come in various sizes, shapes, and flavors. Cookies are a great snack for children and even adults who are craving for an instant food. To meet the demand for instant cookies for home baking, numerous manufacturers have introduced the pre-made cookie doughs to groceries. These have made the people to easily bake cookies whenever they want. However, the actual home baking which includes making the dough can never be beaten…

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4 Tips to Buy the Right Space Heater

Space Heater

With the weather getting chillier day by day, you may be thinking of ways to keep your home or office warm. A space heater can help you do so. When thinking about buying a space heater, several questions may come to your mind like which is the right size to go for, is a space heater safe, which heaters are affordable etc. This article offers some tips to buy a space heater. In these tips, you are likely to find the answers to a few of the questions coming to…

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UniKey’s Smart Locks – For Modern Day Homeowners

I’m sure you’ve longed to part ways with traditional lock and keys when returning back home from shopping and your hands are filled with groceries. Or maybe, this longing is simply because of the fact that you are prone to losing your keys too often (and hence create irksome moments when getting into your house). We’ve been hearing a lot about Smartphones and Smart Watches! UniKey, with its , has brought something totally new in the market – the Smart Locks. This device has its main controls with the Bluetooth…

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Moga Ace Power – The Next-gen Mobile Gaming Tool Kit

Moga Ace Power

Those of you who cannot get rid of the gaming addiction and keep on fidgeting with your mobile phones when you are not playing on your PCs, there is something that will make your lives a lot better. Or should I say, “gamer”. The Moga Ace Power is an add-on that you can fix to your mobile device, and enjoy mobile gaming like you’ve never done before. If you take a quick look at a mobile attached with this gaming kit, the overall appearance is more or less like a…

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Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Headphones

Girl wearing headphones

Headphones are valuable accessories; so valuable that leaving your home without them is nothing less than a totally wasted day. Therefore, we can easily conclude that a headphone does not fall very far behind in importance than mobile devices. And similar to any other product available on the planet, you must also be aware of all the factors which will ensure you purchase the best headphone for yourself. Source: Over-ear Or In-ear Or On-ear Over-ear headphones are the most common ones (and the bulkiest ones too) we get to see…

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Will You Give Nokia’s Windows Tablet A Try?

Nokia Lumia 2520

It’s big time for the Nokia guys. We have been hearing rumors for a long time, but now it’s for real. Nokia has finally revealed the first look of Lumia 2520 – its first ever tablet which will only be sold via wireless carriers with an underlying idea to connect with 4G LTE networks. The USP of this device, as says the Nokia officials, is its “mobility”. Source: There is a reason why Nokia Lumia 2520 is generating an outstanding vibe; and the reason is simple enough. It is…

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FlyKly Turns Cycling Into A Super-Fun Activity

FlyKly Smart Wheel

At the time when city-dwellers are finding it real hard to move around freely in their cars due to the growing crunch in space, FlyKly has come out with its Smart Wheel, a pedal assist that consists of intelligent electronics and an ultra-thin electric motor, which makes it convenient to ride around the city in ease. What is this Smart Wheel that is being talked about? As it has been stated earlier, it is a circular device which can be attached to your bicycle’s rear wheel. Once it is in…

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Sony Xperia Z1 – The 20.7-Megapixel Smartphone


After the release of Xperia ZR which was specially-designed to shoot full HD videos underwater, it was evident that expectations from Sony were sky-high. Sony has recently revealed their new lens-type cameras which do not only have individual functionality, but can also be attached to a Smartphone at will. While we are thoroughly impressed with the Sony’s progress this year, the company has no plans of stopping to blow our minds. Welcome the newest baby in Sony’s bandwagon – Xperia Z1 with a 20.7-megapixel camera. Apart from the powerful camera,…

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Scarpar – An Electric Skateboard For Every Terrain

he idea that Andrew Fern had in 2006 was very simple: the creation of an all-terrain vehicle. To put it simply, a one-of-a-kind skateboard which will be fast and have the capacity to dominate any terrain. Scarpar – the name which was given to it was befitting too. Not only did it go on to become a hot favorite, but also was talked about in numerous websites. However, that was 7 years ago. In these 7 years, Fern’s dream project has been on the verge of oblivion and the verge…

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Different Ways to Store Your Precious Electronic Goods Efficiently!

In this world of globalization, numerous concerns are engaging themselves in more and more international marketing by the passing day. There are many countries, which are collaborating with others, for amicable trade relationships in between themselves. Many trade routes among different nations are declared by the governments of those nations to be free trade zones or low tax trade zones. So, the exportation of different types of goods has increased remarkably from diverse nations. During the exportation of the products, the company must ensure that the products will be safe…

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