5 Trends in Ecommerce Web Design for 2015

Ecommerce Wed Design

Good design makes life easier. A product designed poorly wastes time and causes stress and frustration. Similarly, a poorly designed ecommerce site annoys viewers, resulting in low conversion and below average ROI (Return on Investment). An ecommerce web design doesn’t aim to merely act as a placeholder for products. The design is an integral part of the visual merchandising department, sales, marketing and customer service. If you own an ecommerce business, it’s important for you to focus on your ecommerce web design in the year 2015. Now is the time…

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Amazon Now Allows Users To Resell Second Hand Ebooks Online

Amazon has come up with a truly innovative idea of allowing readers to resell ebooks that they have already read in a virtual flea market. The development of this ingenious software will now allow to readers to dispose off the soft copies of books in online garage sales, just like they would dispose off their hard copies. Amazon, with its heavy retail traffic, won the patent which it had filed in 2009, and got the permission to allow users to resell books on their own network. Although ebooks do not…

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Choosing the Right Catering Cutlery for Your Restaurant, Bar or Catering Environment

The choices you make, in catering, define the kind of customer you attract to your establishment. You only have to watch Master Chef, or The Great British Bake Off, to see the differences in cooking styles and types of catering. The industry is huge – each establishment with its own niche and its own interpretation of the dishes it supplies. One might be a simple café, providing hearty breakfasts and good strong tea. Another might be a five star restaurant in which unique combinations of flavours are served to extremely…

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