Google Working on Development of Quantum Computer Chips

Quantum Computing Device CPU

Quantum computing technology seems to hold enormous potential. This technology, which is still in infancy at present, has inspired Google to start building its own chips for quantum computing. Instead of starting right from the scratch, Google would be collaborating with the quantum-computing group of UC Santa Barbara. This group has recently built a five-qubit, superconducting array, which has the potential to upgrade to bigger commercial systems.   A D-Wave Quantum-Computing Device’s CPU Image Courtesy: What may have inspired Google to think seriously about Quantum Computing? To know the…

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Stormfly Comes Up With A New Ubuntu-Booting Manacle That Will Make Your Computer Childproof

As children, we have all experimented and messed up with our computers. With Now Computing, a Barcelona based company launching its Kickstarter Project, parents can be assured of possessing a device that will prevent such disastrous events from taking place. Priced at 59 dollars, Stormfly is not just a 16 GB Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.0 flash-drive that has Ubuntu’s boot-able version and can be worn on the wrist. After the initial setup, kids can take off these bracelets and plug them into computers without damaging or deleting any files….

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Studies Reveal That Java Exploits Can Potentially Affect Millions Of Computers

Security experts urgently recommend computer users to deinstall or disable Java, with the recent discovery of the zero-day Java coup which allowed hackers to control vulnerable PCs, Linux computers and Macs. This has been made possible by a shortcoming in the new up-gradation of Java 7, which was launched in October 2012. A security lag in this update allows websites with malicious codes to gain control of the users’ computers. What is particularly disturbing is that users have to pay a ransom to hackers to regain control over their personal…

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