5 Worst States to Drive In

5 Worst States to Drive In When ranking some of the worst states to drive in, the factors usually considered include traffic, road quality and the skill level of the drivers on the road. Another factor can be bad winter and fall weather. States with a high percentage of bad drivers typically have higher percentages of traffic fatalities, failure to obey laws, drunk driving, speeding and careless driving. Louisiana Louisiana is one of the worst states to drive in across the board. It’s number one in the failure to obey…

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How to Optimize Automobile Advertisement Successfully

How to Optimize Automobile Advertisement Successfully  Increasing footfalls in your automobile showroom is not that easy. Especially if your showroom is in that part of the city where there are a number of competitors. Vehicles are purchased by all and sundry these days and when it comes to investing on something like a car or jeep, people are always looking for a better place to buy from. So, from the seller point of view, you have to take charge of this and have to make sure that the prospective customers…

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5 Tips for Saving Fuel in Your Car

Saving Fuel

Using a car comes with huge expenses for fuel. If you can lower your fuel expenses, you can invest the money saved in a better way. This post is here to help you do so. Below appear some tips for saving fuel in your car. Image Courtesy: www.mericar.com 1. Go for fewer trips When a car is parked for several hours, the engine becomes cold, and the car consumes more fuel while moving for first five miles. Although it’s ideal to combine all of your regular errands in a single…

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Car Theft Worldwide [Infographic]

Car Theft Worldwide

Car theft is unfortunately a phenomenon that every country has to put up with. Cars are seen by opportunistic criminals as high value items which they can access and then sell on to make pure profit. Some higher profile valuable cars can be seen by some people as the obvious target but this is often not the case. Other lower value vehicles can also be seen as attractive to the prospective thief as firstly the car might be easier to access with less sophisticated security and secondly a less exclusive…

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Personalised Number Plate – A Must-Have Accessory for Your Car

Personalised Number Plate

You might have heard of personalised number plates or may have noticed them on front of many vehicles. They are a great way to add something special to a vehicle. If you think you too should go for a customised number plate, you can get it easily online via a private registration number dealer and the DVLA. Features of Personalised Number Plates Helping Businesses: There are different types of unique personalised number plates that can set your car apart from the others and instil eagerness in onlookers to identify you…

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‘Car Mode’ Helps Avoid Driving And Texting

Driving and Texting

Before we move ahead with ‘Car Mode’ which is designed to discourage iPhone users from driving and texting at the same time, let’s take a look at some statistics. Did you know that a person does not look in front for 5 seconds while he is texting and driving? So if he is driving at a speed of 88 kph, this means that he’s driving the entire length of a football field without looking up at the road ahead. Or maybe this one will give a clearer idea. In 2012,…

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SmileDrive Car App Gives You a Good Reason To Smile While You Drive

Planning a road trip with friends or family is so exciting! Chilled beer, winding roads, great food, even brilliant company and your car- doesn’t that sound like a creamy dream vacation to you? Volkswagen has simply accelerated the fun quotient launching the new SmileDrive App that tracks your road trip. It is almost like bringing a personal note-taker cum historian cum photographer cum route tracker cum informer along while you can simply relax and drive and bless your stars! The app does it all for you.                                                                      Get started –…

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Ways to earn good cash for your car

Selling your old junk car at a junk yard is a great idea for earning cash. This cash can be used for other productive purposes. These days owning a car has become a matter of great pride. People love their vehicle and do everything so that it should be well maintained and running. But there is a time of every car, sooner or later it will not run and hence will kept as a junk outside your house or in garage. Many people are confused as they do not know…

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2014 Chevrolet Cruze diesel set for Chicago Auto Show Debut

While buying a car, if fuel economy is all that you care, then the Volkswagen’s TDI diesel hatchbacks will be the best choice. But what if you are not a VW admirer yet crave for maximum diesel mileage? Well, no worries as Chevrolet has come up with an answer. The 2014 Chevy Cruze diesel is all set to be launched at Chicago Auto Show in February. The GM authority has confirmed that the new diesel Cruze will be adorned with an Eco-D badge, and will be available in the market…

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Making Use of Integrated Semi-Automated Mechanical Parking Lift Systems

Post recession property values have shot high. In order to make the best use of space today we are being provided with this efficient and intelligent system called the semi-automated mechanical parking lifts. Carmatrix has come up with this innovative, intelligent and space-efficient idea which strictly complies with the basics of property utilization and optimizing space-efficiency. The concept known as Semi-Automated Mechanical Parking Lift Systems have dropped jaws of the American consumer base that looks for proficiency at its best. The concept has helped eliminate the need for securing attended…

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