Burn Your CD with Inexpensive Disk Maker

If you need to burn several CDs instantly, you should have disk duplicator. The disk duplicator is a machine that allows you to insert several disks and burn them all at the same time. This machine can be a bit expensive if you purchase it at retail price. However you can create an inexpensive disk maker from your old computer tower and with many other CD writing devices. After assembling your computer devices, you have to install Compact Disk burning software for burning more than 1 DVD or CD simultaneously.

Let’s check out the process of burning CD with an inexpensive disk maker:

  • Place old working tower computer with CD expansion slots

You have to place an old working tower computer with 3 upper CD expansion slots on your working table. Locate the expansion slots in the upper front of your tower. Often you will see that unused expansion slots are enclosed with plastic inserts.

  • Hook up the tower to a display

You should then hook up the tower to a display and switch it on to ensure the fact that it is working. Your tower must have an effective operating system with a minimum of 40 to 60 gigabyte hard drive.

  • Purchase CD-rewriting devices

You also have to purchase 3-5 CD rewriting devices. You must have as many rewriting devices as there are expansion slots on the tower.

  • Detach tower computer from a power outlet

You have to detach your tower computer from the outlet of power and unplug other cables running from its back. Take out the screws that are holding the right metal tower cover. You should slide the cover back toward you and take it away from the PC.

  • Turn the tower with the front facing you

You have to turn the tower with the front facing you and then slide each new CD device into an expansion slot. You should also pop out the plastic cover from within the expansion slot if required for inserting the device.

  • Align data cable connector

In the next step you have to align the data cable connector with connector located at the back of the CD device. You must attach each cable line to the pin connector placed at the back of the CD device. You should press firmly along the edge of the connector for ensuring a tight connection.

  • Hook up the other end of cable

You also have to hook up the other end of the cable to the subsequent connector on the motherboard. This connector sits near to the hard drive data cable connector. Identify it through the hard drive cable to the connector on the motherboard.

  • Restore the computer cover

You have to restore the computer cover you have removed and connect the computer again to the power outlet. Then you should connect the keyboard, display and mouse for starting your computer.

  • Turn on the computer to install CD burning software

You have to turn on the computer for installing CD or DVD burning software such as Nero to your computer. The software programs have the capacity of burning several disks on various drives.

  • Drag and drop the files for burning

You also have to open the program and drag and drop the files that you want to burn in the center window. Identify and choose the multiple drive options for burning all the CDs simultaneously. Just press the ‘Burn’ button for starting the process. You can expect the burning process to take about 1 or 2 hours depending on the format of your file.

Follow these steps for burning CDs with inexpensive disk makers. However if you can’t carry out CD burning on your own, you can opt for one of the best CD printing services in your locality.

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