Bose Introduces QuietComfort 20: Its “Small” Noise-Canceling Headphone

Bose QuietComfort 20

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the term “noise-canceling headphone”? Something large, bulky and over-the-ear, right? The formation of this image is nothing unusual. After all, a small in-the-ear headphone does not have the capability to completely block sounds from coming in or going out. However, the latest product from BoseQuietComfort 20 headphone – is here to imbue something we have never experienced before.

Bose gave us a glimpse of the QuietComfort 20 (or QC20, in short) at a demo held in New York City at the Grand Central Station. Hosted at an open area, Bose claimed that the QC20 was better than all the headphones that were being worn by the spectators. If I have to say in their defense, Bose has every reason for this oozing confidence because the QC20 experience is just out-of-this-world.

Small in size like any other in-the-ear headphone, the noise-canceling feature is perhaps better than any other headphone till date. When the noise cancellation mode is on, you can’t hear anything else except the song you are playing. QC20 comes with StayHear+, a rubberized tip, which has a snug fit in the outer ear, thus giving the headphone larger area to work with. QC20 is also extremely easy on the ears, and can be worn 12 hours at a stretch.

The noise-cancellation feature is all great, but there is always a risk for absent-minded music lovers who’ll try to cross a busy road with the headphones on. It is then when the Aware Mode feature of the QC20 comes to the rescue. Once you switch the Aware Mode on, it’ll let you reconnect with your surrounding environment. The noise cancellation remains on, but the lowest frequencies get removed. The music plays on, but you’ll also be able to hear any ambient noise.

QC20 comes with a battery which is rated at 16 hours. Unlike other noise-cancellation headphones, QC20 keeps on running even when the battery power runs out. However, the wearer cannot access the noise-cancellation feature till the battery is charged.

Slated to be available this summer at $299, QC20 from Bose is about to open a whole new chapter in the field of noise-canceling headphones. Needless to say, QC20 has already stolen a million hearts and it promises to do so when it gets an official launch.

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