The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Fathers

We can all feel it! The holidays are just about to arrive!

This is the most anticipated time of the year. Why, you ask? This is the time of the long-awaited get-togethers being made complete with lavish meals and gifts from the loved ones. This is the time of being made (and also making people) feel special. And these are the moments which we cherish dearly, and dream of taking with us to our graves.

It’s pretty obvious that you’ll get showered with gifts within a few days. But what about your parents? Especially your father? Yeah, he’ll take on the single-handed responsibility to decorate the house. Not only that, he’ll help out your mom in the kitchen and make sure that everyone is having a cozy time. So why don’t you gift him something worth having, and make this holiday season worth memorable for him? I know that the choices are numerous, but I’ve tried to bring together 4 unique gift ideas which you can take a peek into.

Holiday Gift

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#1. Sony’s Lens-type Camera

Everyone loves to take a quick snap from their Smartphones, and your father is no different. It’s about time you add quality to that convenience. Sony’s new “Lens-Type camera” allows the user to attach it into a Smartphone and turn the experience into something he’ll never forget.

#2. Philips’s Norelco Beard-trimmer

Let’s face it, your father is getting old every day. But this doesn’t mean that his beard has the right to become any less precise because of that. The Norelco Beard-trimmer from Philips projects a laser guide  into the face and makes the shave a lot more chiseled. The device is also 100% water-resistant.

#3. FlyKly’s Smart Wheel

If your father loves cycling, this is the perfect gift for him. The Smart Wheel from FlyKly turns cycling into a super fun activity. The device is simple, lightweight and easy to maintain. The built-in motor inside it makes it easier to paddle, and reach the desired destination a lot faster.

#4. Nomad’s Solar Panel

And if your father is an outdoor person, nothing will bring a smile on his face as the Nomad 7 solar panel. He doesn’t have to place the panel on a fixed platform. All he has to do is strap these panels on his back and charge his digital items on the go. Moreover, this panel is powerful enough to harvest the sun’s energy even when it’s cloudy.

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