Apple’s iWatch coming soon: Another Rumor or a Reality this time?


The rumblings about a smart watch to be launched by Apple have been doing the rounds for several years, and have got stronger with the advent of 2013. On February, it was reported by the New York Times that Apple has started working on the iWatch which will be made out of curved glass and will run off of iOS. Things got authentic and credible a few weeks later when patents for a wearable device popped up, affirming that Apple is at least interested in the project.

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Bloomberg has recently reported that a team of 100 designers are working on the project. According to its sources, this new device will have some of the features as iPad and the iPhone, such as displaying caller ID on the screen, making and receiving calls, and checking mapping co-ordinates and more. In addition to these, it is said to focus on health and exercise, and might include a heart rate monitor, a pedometer and other features.

While chances were high that the propriety touch operating system of iPod nano will be upgraded to use it on the watch, reports have suggested that Apple has decided to rework the iOS completely. This however makes sense, as a true smart watch will need Bluetooth and other connectivity applications which will not be completely efficient with a propriety-embedded operating system. But the only problem being faced by the iOS is the battery life. While the goal is to have 4 or 5 days between a charge, the current prototypes are not lasting more than couple of days.

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