Amplify, the education unit of News Corp. releases its new Tablet to compete with iPad usage in Classrooms

Apple has been extremely dominant with the sale of its iPads in the educational sector. The company recently claimed that the iPad is an ideal learning device as it has been successful in selling more than 8 million iPads to various academic institutions all around the globe in order to simplify the teaching procedure. However, the new Tablet unveiled this week by Amplify, the education division of News Corp., might prove Apple wrong after all.

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Amplify’s Chief Executive Joel Klein believes that this new 10-inch Android-powered tablet is very different from the rest. While the other tablets are mainly consumer goods used in the field of education, this new tablet is specifically designed for day-to-day classroom activities.

Although Amplify has used Android as its operating system and has relied upon other hardware providers, it has made sure that its customized UI is best suited for a classroom requirement. Learning tools like the Encyclopedia Britannica, and admission to Google Apps for Education are already pre-loaded into the tablet. The homescreen of the tablet has been systematized into notebooks – each of them containing all the data of a different class of students a teacher is instructing or a different course a student has taken up. The best past of the Amplify Tablet is that teachers can connect, interact and monitor students directly through their tablets.

For instance, the teacher can see automatically the name of a student appear in the list of attending students as soon as the student opens up his/her notebook. Once they are connected, the teacher can share study materials with the student, ask a quick quiz during the class, and also see if the student is using any inappropriate app during the class. The “Eyes on Teacher” feature allows the teacher not only to close down an app in a student’s tablet, but also lock down a student’s tablet if there is a need.

Let us hope it can live up to the strong expectations it has already succeeded to create!

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