Adobe’s Photoshop Touch Is All Set To Debut On Phones, Now Users Can Enjoy The Power Of The Tablet Version In Their Pockets

Until recent times, Adobe’s Photoshop strategy has limited its usage to tablets, while iPhone operators were allowed access only to Photoshop Express. However, Adobe has developed the features of its product for Androids and iPhones, and this up-gradation has preserved the unique and smooth functionality of Photoshop for smartphone users. The addition of an interface that is tailored to display images on small screens ensures that Android and iPhone users can now use this product on their smaller screens without any problems related to the adjustment of size.


The Photoshop Touch is a multi-layered product. The Scribble Selection Feature allows users to employ imprecise finger selection method to highlight a specific section of the picture. Other features such as paint strokes sharing, filters and many other such components make up the Photoshop Touch. The Camera fill Feature is a unique addition, and it allows users to add a layer of features using their own cameras. Adobe’s Creative Cloud service ensures that projects on iPhones can be synced seamlessly and worked upon using Photoshop on tablets and desktops.

With two different products for different devices, questions and speculations arise about the possibility of merger of all the products and features under one single banner in the future. Stephen Nelson, Photoshop’s Product Manager, answered this query. He said that two different products allowed greater space for variety and adaptability, and this space for divergence allowed the features to be more device centric than generic. Different versions of Photoshop for smartphones and tablets will ensure the constant evolution of the product, and give it a better opportunity to sync well with the constantly changing features of smartphones.

Photoshop Touch is already available on Google Play and App Store, and costs $4.99. The versions on which they can be used are iPhone 4S and its later versions, fifth generation of iPod touch, and Android 4.0, or later versions. The Photoshop Touch is a worthy up-gradation from the previous product-the Photoshop Express, and can turn out to be a handy and powerful editorial kit in the hands of digital photographers.

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