A Spoon Specially-designed For People With Parkinson’s Disease

Spoon for Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s Disease (PD in short), the central nervous system’s degenerative disorder, is very common in people who have crossed the age of 50. What are its most obvious symptoms? They are gait, rigidity, slowness of movement, and above all, uncontrollable shaking.

Every one of us have (or had, at one point of time) seen how our grandpa or grandma suffered with this uncontrollable shaking – struggling to get a spoonful from his/her plate to the mouth. His/her desire to have a peaceful meal with his/her family always turned out to be a messy affair.

Spoon for Parkinson's Disease

It is time to breathe easy! In fact, ‘Lift Labs’ has come out with something which can make the life of an elderly at the dining table a lot less easier – a specially-designed spoon which is said to reduce the shaking by 70% by counterattacking the movements of a wavering grip. Moreover, this spoon will soon come with fork and knife attachments.

This announcement from ‘Lift Labs’ has stunned the entire world. The time when we resort to various medicines to get rid of Parkinson’s disease (though none of them has been a major success), this wonder spoon has been successful in controlling the shaking of the hand to a great extent. It is true that less visible conditions or psychosocial challenges are still untapped areas. However, it is also a guarantee that this invention will open up newer avenues of looking at disabilities, and help researchers come out with better ways to tackle them.

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