5 Trends for Website Design in 2015

Web Design Trends 2015

The world of web design is constantly evolving. This year, we saw the web designers coming up with many great designs that simply ‘wowed’ us. Web design, in the year 2015, is likely to see several changes. Some of the design trends of the current year are likely to stay, whereas some may become obsolete.

If you are a company planning to design or redesign your website, knowing the website design trends for 2015 may serve as an advantage for you. Listed below are the trends likely to dominate the world of web design in 2015:

1. Responsive design would stay

Business owners who are not designing their sites with the mobile audience in mind, are actually working against themselves. People are increasingly using mobile devices for accessing the internet. Mobile is likely to soon become the most common medium through which people would visit websites, particularly in B2C market.

It is a must for you to have a website, which can be viewed easily on tablets and phones along with desktops. This is more important for businesses, which largely depend on mobile technologies for making their services and products available to customers. Consumers want your services and products to be accessible to them at all times.

Responsive designs would evolve continuously and adapt as new technologies emerge, like smart house devices, smart TVs and smart watches. This website design trend is likely to stay in 2015 and beyond that.

Responsive Design

Image Courtesy: brolik.com

2. Flat design would stay

Although people had mixed feelings about Windows 8 design, but it has certainly laid the foundation of ‘flat’ design. If you are not sure what flat design is, flat design is elegant and simple with clean elements and lines, which look minimalistic and smooth on screen. Vibrant colors are used in the design to make the website lively. A remarkable advantage offered by flat design is that the site loads very quickly.

Flat Design

Image Courtesy: www.fasttrackteam.com

3. Typography would play a vital role

Having the font right forms the key to a design project. Using the wrong font can make the entire design look wrong. As emphasis is being laid on content to attain better search results, using rich typography is important to add sophistication and style to websites. So, right typography will be one of the key website design trends for 2015.

4. Bigger images would be better

Pictures are an effective medium for expression of ideas online, which is evident from the immense success of Instagram and Pinterest. A great method of using powerful big images, is using text overlay. This can effectively and quickly convey your ideas to users.

For responsive users, it is always easier to digest a picture than squint at text. For mobile users, a big image is worth thousand words. However, remember that content also has equal importance as images, if not more, for SEO as well as informative reasons.

5. More Scrolling would be there

Scrolling sites or parallax websites are quite pleasing aesthetically. By considering the way mobile would be important, it should be noted that it is easier to scroll on a tablet or smartphone, than click and wait for the pages to load. Businesses that would target the mobile users mainly, would have single page scroll, for enabling easier interaction.

These are the web design trends you should follow in the coming year, to design or redesign your website. Your highly skilled team of web designers, combined with your knowledge of the upcoming design trends, would certainly result in a stunning website.

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