5 Tips to Design Call to Action Buttons that Fetch Action

CTA Buttons

What is the one single thing designing which will need you to use your entire conversion wisdom? It’s the Call to Action button. If you are an entrepreneur, perhaps you know the importance of conversions, and call to action buttons are the things that bring you those conversions. So, designing call to action buttons requires a lot of thoughtful planning. There are many small things that, when applied in the design of CTAs, can significantly increase conversions.

CTA Buttons

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Here are some effective tips to help you design CTA buttons that really work:

1. Choose a Color which Stands Out

Your CTA button should have a color, except black, gray and white. Moreover, the color should be such that it stands out of the remaining web page. There are infinite color combinations, shadows, gradients, kernings, fonts and borders. Below appears a color-choice checklist you should refer to when deciding your CTA button’s color:

  • It should have a color.

  • It should be contrasting from the remaining web page.

  • It should not clash with web page’s background.

  • It should grab attention.

A good way to check out whether a color really grabs attention or not, is creating various buttons and doing a glance test. You may use http://buttonoptimizer.com/ for creating different buttons. Lay all the buttons and have a look at them for one second. Check out which button is the first you look at, which one seems to stand out most, and which one is the most noticeable button.

This decision-making would largely depend on the color scheme of your site, its background color and its design elements.

2. Value Simplicity

Often people think that the CTA button needs to stand out, and they put CSS effects, arrows, images and other stuff on it, which reduce the conversion potential of the button. Testing shows that the buttons that perform the best consist of a simple statement and have few design frills.

However, simple doesn’t need to be boring. You can put great colors, good design and a sizzling copy in your button to make it appealing.

3. Put a Sensible Size

The rule to remember on button size is – the size of the button should be such that it makes sense. It is not better always to have a bigger button. The only purpose of a CTA button is making viewers click on it. Your job is to make it easy for people to click on it. If the button is too big, it appears unnatural or odd, which may make people not want to click it. Your CTA button should be large enough to be clicked comfortably, but not so large that the button looks weird.

4. Make the CTA Button Look Clickable

When users are supposed to click on a button, they should know that it is clickable. As far as “buttons” are concerned, they look pretty much clickable. But, for your CTA button to look clickable, it should first look like a button.

The features that buttons have are:

  • They have a rectangular shape.

  • They have clear borders or boundaries.

  • They are surrounded by white space.

  • They have a contrasting color.

Your CTA button should have these features to look like a button and get more clicks.

5. Have a Short Button Copy

Your CTA button copy should be short, straight, hard and should say the right thing. You shouldn’t use a lot of words, but choose a few words cautiously. The user should be able to read the copy in just a simple glance. If the time needed to read the copy is more than a second, then it is very long. It’s recommended that the button copy should not be more than 60 characters.

So, go ahead and apply these tips when creating your CTA buttons. Besides these tips, there is a lot more wisdom involved into creating CTA buttons that bring impressive conversions. Read more articles and blogs offering insight into creating CTAs. Once you have planned right, creating effective Call to Action buttons would be easy for you.

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