5 Alternatives When You’re Stuck Without a Toothbrush

When you are on the go, you don’t always have the time to brush your teeth after a meal. However, it is important to clean your teeth after eating. Luckily, there are some innovative methods you can use to clean your teeth without brushing them. Here are five alternatives when you’re stuck without a toothbrush. 1. Teeth Wipes When you are in a rush without the time to brush, teeth wipes will come in handy. These nifty little cleaning sleeves fit over your fingers. You put one on your index…

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Moga Ace Power – The Next-gen Mobile Gaming Tool Kit

Moga Ace Power

Those of you who cannot get rid of the gaming addiction and keep on fidgeting with your mobile phones when you are not playing on your PCs, there is something that will make your lives a lot better. Or should I say, “gamer”. The Moga Ace Power is an add-on that you can fix to your mobile device, and enjoy mobile gaming like you’ve never done before. If you take a quick look at a mobile attached with this gaming kit, the overall appearance is more or less like a…

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